Where Should you Buy VPN Services?

Navigating the world of VPN services can be very crowded, misleading, and difficult to make the right choices. Choosing a validated and safe service will ensure that your encrypted web usage is safe, and that nobody is looking on what you are doing or seeing any of your personal data. When choosing a VPN service, it’s important to choose based on your personal needs, not just the ones that are shouting the loudest for your custom.


We would advise to avoid the VPN services that are completely free. As attractive as they are, they cannot guarantee security and privacy like they advertise.

The internet is a great source of information when looking for a VPN service, and 9 times out of 10, the internet is where to get it from. Which VPN to use, from the vast choice on the internet however, is another task.

The first thing to do is to look at your needs for a VPN service. Although, if you use public WiFI even for casual browsing, you should consider a VPN no matter what your needs are. In 2015, 63% of internet users were victims of identity theft, and 45% fell victim to credit card or banking fraud. This is very easily done if you enter any personal details whilst on a public WiFi. This means that even those of us who don’t think they need a VPN, would benefit from it.

Here are some of the biggest VPN servers, ones that you can rely on:

ExpressVPN – This service works on pretty much all operating systems and is quick and easy to use, perfect for those who want to pass geographical restrictions.
StrongVPN – With superfast speeds, and a service that isn’t as well known (so less likely to get blocked), this could be an underdog
Tunnelbear – Perfect for fast access while you’re on public WiFi

All of the above have either a free trial or a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you’re a beginner, simply search any of these on the internet and you can give them a try without the risk of losing money.

As VPN services sometimes get blocked, it is a good idea to check out reviews and forums with all the latest VPN servers. Trusted VPN has a great service, which lays out for you all the best VPNs at the minute, and even breaks down what they are great/not so great for. They give great advice on where to buy VPN services and how to start out:

“The VPN market is growing fast and so is the number of options. This makes it difficult to find the right VPN provider. Established all-round providers, such as NordVPN, are recommended for both beginners and advanced users.”

It can seem difficult to find the best service, but after some research, there really is a lot of good advice out there too.