Are VPN Routers any Good?

With VPNs becoming more and more popular with time, 35% of VPN users access it from their desktop every single day, and 42% from mobile. Off the back of this, many established leaders in the community are telling us that the best way to make the most of a Virtual Private Network connection is to have a VPN router. But what are they all about? Are they any good?

Advantages of VPN routers:

  • One great benefit of getting yourself a VPN router is the protection you will gain on any devices connected to it. Without a router, you would just be protected on the device that has the VPN service installed, but if you have a router say, in your house, then your mobile phone, your tablet, and your PC are all protected with VPN subscription.
  • Another great thing about VPN routers is that they will even connect and protect devices such as your Smart TV, games consoles, pretty much anything that connects to the internet.
    This is great if you use different devices throughout the day that you need privacy for. There’s no need to sign out of your VPN on say, your laptop, and then sign in on your mobile phone.
  • Following from the previous point, you also never have to worry if your VPN is switch on. It always is!

Disadvantages of VPN routers:

  • A router can be a little fiddlier to set up than a simple VPN app. If you wouldn’t consider yourself to be a ‘techie’, then the likelihood is that you will find yourself calling up the provider for help.
  • Some VPN providers don’t allow VPN router settings, so if you already use a VPN provider, check that this is allowed before purchasing a router.

Using a VPN router will change your IP address, so if you’re happy with that, then the pros seem to outweigh the cons. VPN provider, Buffer allow for their services to be set up on routers, and they believe that VPN routers are the best way to be:

“While Buffered does work on the most common device types (Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android), there are some limits to what it can do. Well, if you set it up on your router, that won’t be a problem anymore… That’s right, you can actually watch geo-restricted content on your TV”

These providers fully endorse VPN routers, and it’s easy to see why. With the disadvantages posed mainly being that you may have to ask for some help, or check that your VPN provider will allow router connection, they seem very doable when you consider the great advantages that you will gain.